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About Sarah


Born in Western Canada, Sarah grew up with a strong love for the arts and a child-like curiosity for all things spiritual. Her first steps into the world of content creation started off with makeup artistry and modelling, and later turned to streaming.


She's lived in different parts of Canada, Jamaica, and Taiwan. She's also visited Hong Kong, Shanghai, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. She has modelled for clothing stores and events, and did makeup and hair styling for rock band tours and music videos as well as professional model shoots. Each location and experience gave her new lessons and new perspectives which also shines through her work.


Through various platforms she experimented with her self-expression. She started doing tarot streams on her Twitch channel, which over time became very popular and helped build her outstanding reputation. Sarah has had many vivid spiritual experiences throughout her life which further amplified her desire for knowledge and to hone her own spiritual gifts. As her interest in all things spiritual grew, she felt more and more called to integrate her spirituality with her content. She does not like to keep herself in a box. Her approach to art and content creation is continuously evolving, and you are welcome to follow along on this journey.

Sarah is often open to speak about mental health and self-healing. She continues to explore the many aspects of life through art and spirituality, and hopes to offer something meaningful, educational, entertaining, and inspiring to all.

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