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Commercial shoot with Serene Claire!

What a great way to start the last month of the year! I had the amazing opportunity to do hair and makeup for Serene Claire. Serene Claire is a famous model and actress from Malaysia. She competed for Miss Malaysia 2015 and was 1st runner up! She was very kind and professional- it was a pleasure working with her!

PS, sorry for the low quality in some of these photos. These were taken in very low light so my phone camera was really struggling!

This shoot is for an upcoming magazine issue! One of the photos will be chosen for the cover. I can't wait to see which photo they will pick :)

We traveled all the way from Kaohsiung to Taipei to do this shoot. We were at this really awesome studio! They had so many rooms with different backgrounds and themes. I'd love to do a shoot there myself sometime XD Wish I had taken more photos of the place itself but I was pretty busy with the job.

She had 3 different outfits, the last one requiring a bolder style of makeup.

After a hard day's work we had an amazing feast at a place called Oldie's Burger. It's so conveniently close to the main station. I had no idea! The interior gives a rockabilly American vibe and all the staff had very alternative styles with tattoos and piercings (something you don't see enough of in Taiwan)- which I absolutely loved!! They were all very friendly and the owner was so nice ^_^

They really care about the quality of their food and it definitely pays off. Their menu mainly consists of gourmet burgers, fries, unique nachos, and other goodies ^_^

They had a couple special burgers for the Christmas season, so I ordered one. Mine was a chicken burger with blue cheese, a berry sauce, and a cranberry hamburger bun. Omg it was soooo good!! Danny ordered the same one but with beef instead.

We also got cheesy fries, and these amazing pulled pork nachos. Good nachos are really hard to come by in Taiwan so I was pretty happy XD

Don't get me started on their milkshakes!!! The vanilla milkshake was amazing! I'm pretty sure they use real vanilla bean for this.

I was pretty excited to see my favorite alcoholic rootbeer available so I ordered a float. It was a great way to treat myself after full day of work!

Well, that's pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes content as well as the surprise food porn XD It's probably going to be a while till I get the finished photos, but I'll be sure to post once I'm able to ^_^ Thanks for reading <3

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