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Commercial Shoot with Kimberlly Chen!

This month I had a makeup job for a 2-day shoot in Kenting! I did makeup and hair for the famous half-Taiwanese half-Brazillian model, Kimberlly Chen! Kimberlly was super sweet to work with. Gosh she is so pretty!

This shoot is for her up-coming photo book which will be available for purchase in December 2017 or January 2018!

I had to get up pretty early and meet with photographer Danny Chu. We quickly got some breakfast and started driving towards Kenting.

Kenting is a popular beach area in the most southern parts of Taiwan. People love to come here on the weekends or during the holidays to relax and get away from it all. It's full of beautiful hotels and hostels, lively bars and restaurants, and plenty of sunshine and gorgeous coasts for miles!

The hotel we stayed at was "Sasa Nor Lamour B&B". It's a cozy and elegant hotel that features a comforting modern interior, and is very conveniently located across the road from the beach! You can sit outside and chill while you enjoy the beautiful view. Honestly it's incredibly relaxing!

If you ever go to Kenting, you'll notice a lot of cats hanging around. These cats aren't quite pets, but they're welcome to roam around outside and are fed by hotel owners and locals. They like to keep cats around because cats will hunt any snakes that wander into the area (since it's close to the mountains). Don't worry about encountering snakes! The cats do a pretty good job. You might want to keep your food under close watch though. The cats are super friendly, but they will also take your food if the opportunity arises!

The first day we went to a grasslands area for our first location. The wind was kind of merciless that day but the model pulled it off pretty well!

The second location was inside a hotel room. No wind! Hooray!

After we finished for the day we went to the local night market for food. This was my first time being at this night market in Kenting. They had lots of the usual stuff: BBQ, squid, prawns, bubble tea, fruit juice, etc.

It was pretty interesting to see tables and tables of shoes for sale just outside a rather large temple. I think this might be a Tao temple? It could be a mix of Tao and Buddhist as well, but I'm really not sure.

There was one particular food stand managed by a man from India. We waited a long time for our orders (the bread is made super fresh in front of you), but omg it was so worth the wait!! I had the chicken wrap, and masala tea- both were really good! If I go there again I'm definitely trying his other stuff.

Again, I had to get up pretty early the next day so I could eat breakfast and be ready to do Kimberlly's makeup. The hotel offered a more traditional Taiwanese breakfast. It was really delicious! I ended up going for seconds. Those hashbrowns were so addictive omg *0*

This time we shot inside the hotel, as well as within the area, since the buildings have such nice architecture to work with. We also traveled to 2 different beach locations.

While the first beach had soft sand perfect for walking around barefoot in, the second beach was LOADED with coral and sea shells.

We ate a hearty meal and got our stuff together so we could head home. Watching the sun set from across the hotel was a really nice way to finish the trip. It was so beautiful! I definitely want to come here again for a vacation.

Those 2 days went by really fast! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished photos and *hopefully* I can post a few here later on. ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

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