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Creepy Cute Halloween Makeup

It's that time of year again! Halloween was coming up really close, so I put together this creepy cute festive look! ^_^

I did this look using the eyeshadows "Buttercupcake", "Flamepoint", "Poison Plum", "Hi-viz", "Supercharged", and "Sparkage" from Sugarpill Cosmetics. On my brow bone is this super pretty highlighter "Arcadia" from Devinah cosmetics!

For my lips I used these gorgeous lip tars from House of Beauty! I mixed "Marigold" with "Miami" and put "Euphoria" on the center of my lips. They stay put when applied, and blend so nicely! It's great as a casual Halloween look for October and works just as well for a costume.

Of course I took a bunch of selfies and did some cute videos! Check out my Instagram for more!

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween everyone! <3

#makeup #sugarpill #devinahcosmetics #halloween


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