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My official website is now up and running! In case you haven't noticed, I've done a major revamping of everything. New website, new design, and most importantly- a new alias! My previous one (crystal-kitten) just wasn't working for me and I wasn't happy with it. "Sarah Obscura" feels more fitting for me. If you followed my blog page, you will notice I took the old posts down. I will post all my updates on here ( from now on. If you're totally new to it all, welcome! I'm a makeup artist and alternative model/cosplayer who's currently living in Taiwan. Check my "About" page to learn more about me and the stuff I do. You can also see my portfolio on the "Gallery" page, which will continue to be updated. Any posts I make about some BTS stuff/whatnot will go right here in my blog! On the side is a list of links to all my social media- which you should totally check out and follow them ;)






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